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We all have the songs that have shaped us and been there along the way as we had highs and lows throughout our own lives. In this new project, Copy That, Sara Evans explores the songs that are the soundtrack of her life - and likely the lives of millions of her fans. 

What song did she grow up singing in her family band at 10 years old? What song was playing in the nurses station when she was in the hospital after getting hit by a car at 8 years old? What song was she listening to when she made her first album after moving to Nashville and signing with RCA records? What song was playing when she met her husband Jay Barker? What was playing in the car when she started her own record label? 

Drawn from the hits of each era, this project will explore all that and more. Everyone has a soundtrack of their life, and this is Sara Evans'


  1. If I Can't Have You
  2. Don't Get Me Wrong
  3. Come on Eileen
  4. Crazy Love
  5. Whenever I Call You "Friend" (Feat. Phillip Sweet)
  6. It's Too Late
  7. Monday Morning
  8. All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
  9. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Feat. Old Crow Medicine Show)
  10. 6th Avenue Heartache
  11. My Sharona
  12. She's Got You
  13. Hard to Say I'm Sorry


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