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Warren Zeiders continues to make waves in country music. The singer-songwriter is combining his killer two-part EP, 717 Tapes into a monumental album. 717 Tapes: The Album is officially here.

The record features fan-favorites like Ride the Lightning and both versions of Wild Horse, as well as other songs from the first EP.

Zeiders stands firmly in his country roots and could fit in with any southern-rock song from the last couple of decades. ~ CountrySwag


  1. Ride the Lightning
  2. Never Look Back
  3. Boys for Life
  4. Dirt Road Don’t
  5. Loving and Hating You
  6. Wild Horse
  7. Dark Night
  8. Southbound
  9. Ain’t Been Found
  10. Burn It Down
  11. Wild Horse
  12. Up To No Good
  13. One Hell of an Angel
  14. Heavy Pour
  15. Highway Run


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